Recently I had a dear friend who passed away after a long battle with cancer. Her name is Denise. This person and I had coached together for many years and we shared a lot of memories. Her life left an impact on many people. She had a profound influence on the multitudes of students she got to work with.

I went to her viewing and shared a few words with her family and friends. As I was leaving I started to type in a name on my cell phone for a person I needed to call. The first letter was D and Denise’s name came up. That’s when it hit me. I would never use that phone number again. I would never make another call to Denise. I began to reminisce about the many conversations we had, both on the phone and in person. Denise’s life touched mine.

How many people have your number in their cell phone? What will they think about as they delete it at the end of your life? What kind of legacy will you leave? Whose life are you touching now?

Yes, the phone number is erased but the memory and the influence is not.