Last year my wife and I took a vacation down to Kentucky.  As part of our vacation we stayed a few nights at a bed and breakfast called The Doolin House and visited Cumberland Falls State Park.  Parts of it were more disappointing than others but overall it was beautiful and very relaxing.  One of the highlights was our hike to see Eagle Falls. 


Eagle Falls was a beautiful waterfall that we almost didn’t see.  Along the way we ran into many bumps and almost turned back a few times.  To help us pass the time we came up with spiritual illustrations from our hike as we went along.  Read through them and tell me what you think.

1. We almost turned back before we reached our final destination.  We need to stand strong and continue on to the end.      

2. Along the way there were many up’s and down’s.  Isn’t it often like that with life too?

3. Keeping the end in sight, the falls, helped us to keep going.  What keeps you motivated?

4. It’s always great to have a hiking buddy – along the way we met a deaf woman.  She was by herself.  At first I didn’t recognize that she was deaf.  I waved and said hi and she didn’t respond.  As she started to motion I figured out she couldn’t hear.  Since then, I have often wondered what she “saw” and “heard” as she was going along.  Did she miss anything because she couldn’t hear?  Did I miss anything because I could?  It helped me to be even more thankful for my hiking buddy, my wife.  There’s more than one point here if you think about it but I’ll move on. 

5. We just need to take one step at a time.  There were many roots along our path that caused us to stumble so we just had to keep our eyes focused on the task at hand.

6. There were trailmarkers along the way.  If there weren’t I think we would’ve made a wrong turn.  What are your trail markers?

7. Once we reached the falls it was amazing I was glad we had completed the task.  We were the only people there for awhile.  It was sort of romantic!  Eventually a few people arrived but there werent’ many who were willing to endure to the end to receive the reward. 

8. Along the way we faced many diversions.  Some of them were good and some weren’t.  One was a beautiful scenic overlook.  Good or bad, they got us off course at times and took our energies away from the bigger purpose.  How do you balance your time and diversions along the way?