A few weeks ago I had an experience that threw me for a loop.  This is the first time in eight years that I can remember this happening and I hope it’s the last. 

I am a school teacher.  I teach music in a middle school and I love it!  I also do a variety of music projects on the side as a saxophonist, singer, guitarist, and worship leader. 

This particular morning I had gotten up early to come into school to practice.  It was in the middle of a particularly busy season so it made sense to come in and practice before the students arrived.  I started practicing and was making great progress.  Then I wiped something off of my face…

To appreciate the humor and/or horror in this you need to understand that I am typically a very routined person when it comes to my morning schedule.  The only real deviation is when I respond to my alarm clock and snooze button.  I normally get up, grab a glass of iced tea (preferrably fresh), take a shower, shave, brush my teeth, and then eat breakfast.  I’ve had a similar routine for all eight years that I’ve been working at school, until that morning.

As I wiped off my face I realized that I had forgotten to shave!  I was thrown into an immediate state of panic.  My first thought was to run out to my car and grab my razor.  However, like most people, I quickly realized that I don’t carry a razor in my car.  I contemplated running home but there wasn’t enough time.  After the initial shock settled I decided to “suck it up” and endure the paranoia all day, wondering if anyone would notice that I hadn’t shaved. 

Eight years of the same routine!  What kinds of routines do you have?  How long have you had them for?  How long does it take to establish a routine?  How long does it take to break it?

Now that I can laugh about it those are questions that run through my head.  I have a lot of habits and routines.  There are also a few that I wish I had but don’t.  One of them is a consistent prayer life. 

I’ve always been attracted to the gospel passages where Jesus gets up early in the morning to pray, as was his habit.  I’m humbled and convicted when I listen to how other believers pray.  I’ve got a lot to pray about but I never seem to make the time. 

How about you?  What are the habits or routines that you are trying to develop?  What is your prayer life like?

Lord, help me to submit myself to your control.  Give me the strength to humbly rely on you as I develop the pattern of prayer in my life.  Forgive me where I fall short.  Help me to forgive myself.  Honor yourself through my life.  In Jesus’ name, amen.