For some reason I’m really drawn to short snappy sayings that put lots of things together clearly.  Here are a couple that I keep thinking about.

“A text can’t mean what it never meant,” by Gordon Fee.  This quote was given by someone else in regards to interpreting the Bible specifically. 

One thing that I have said frequently and I believe is that “you love the youth exactly where they are and you love them enough not to let them stay there.”  Youth need to be accepted exactly as they are and they need to know that we care for them enough to help them grow. 

“We expect it but don’t accept it.”  Youth will do foolish things.  Many times you hear that people are so surprised that a particular youth would do something bad.  We feel let down, disappointed.  Why?  Youth do stupid things.  So do adults!  We should not be caught off guard when youth act without responsibility.  We should also not accept it.  There needs to be consequences for their actions.