Over the 4th of July my family and I went to visit my in-law’s. This is one of the 2 times a year where we really try to get all of the family together. My brother-in-law, Aaron, always puts on a good fireworks show. As typical guys are, we’re always looking for something a little bigger and better. We found it!


What you are looking at is what happens when a canister does not shoot from the tube. Oh, it definitely shot fireworks way up into the air. It was an amazing show. It was also pretty scary. And, truth be told, it was an adrenaline rush. When I lit the canister it went off inside the tube, which was fiberglass, and blew up the tube from the inside out! When that happened it sent stuff flying all over the place. Some of it I was actually dodging as I was backing down the hill. Just so you can see the power of the explosion take a look at the indentation the explosion left on the platform we were using.


Even as I write this I’m thinking about the power that we have in Jesus through the Holy Spirit. It is dynamic and even explosive! Do we live like that? I wonder if we sometimes live life a little too casually and miss out on God’s best.

Let me challenge you to live life to the fullest as you love God and love others. That is dynamic living!