This year a new Christmas tradition was started. Toby, the Christmas Elf, brought a gift of money for my daughter. It was beautifully wrapped up in a velvet bag and it was found hanging outside the window. Where did it come from? We don’t know, but we think Toby might reside somewhere near my parents house. That has not been officially confirmed, but inside sources say we’re on the right track.

Jump forward to February…

So, my daughter came home from church tonight after attending Gopher Buddies (connected with Word of Life). We asked her what the lesson was about. She said they learned about sharing their toys and their money.

Well I thought I would be cute, so I asked her if she had any money she could share. She doesn’t earn an allowance yet, but my wife and I have been discussing how to initiate the idea of giving. I really don’t know what I was thinking when I asked that question, but my daughter didn’t miss a beat. She went straight to the dresser and started looking for the money that Toby brought her for Christmas. She was saying “it has to be here somewhere.”

The sight of watching that was priceless. It can’t be matched. I just stood there and started crying. Oh, that we all had tender hearts like young children. I pray that my daughter will grow and continue to love Christ more every day.

Toby would be proud! I know my wife and I were.