Since today is Valentine’s Day I thought it would only be appropriate to revisit one of the posts I did recently on dating.

Several years ago I set out to give and entire series on the Bible, love, and dating. What I came up with surprised me but made sense. Rather than spill the beans and give all the answers (as if they’re mine anyway) I’ll give you some of the questions and thoughts we dealt with.

These questions and thoughts have challenged both the way I work in youth ministry and how I parent. I hope they help you too!

1. What is the purpose of dating? For the majority of JH/SH students the issue is not finding a suitable marriage partner. Many will tell you they are not even ready to consider getting married.

2. Dating and relationships tend to be self-centered to start with. The focus is on looking for that “right one” for me. Characteristics of the right one include physical, emotional, or spiritual qualities.

3. We aren’t necessarily looking at the other person the way we should because we are often looking for what enjoyment the other person can provide for us.

4. When we are looking for the “right” person we can lose sight of becoming the right person.

5. We also lose sight of the right person. God should be the center of our focus and at this stage our dating relationships do not promote that.

6. Is it possible to survive in this culture without dating?

7. When should we start dating?

8. Modern dating relationships do not promote a biblical view of purity. That doesn’t mean that they promote impurity but dating relationships seem to make purity more difficult. Given the vast amount of verses on purity should we reconsider our practices?

9. Our perceived/felt need for someone is fed by others as well as the media. We lose sight of finding our satisfaction in Christ alone.

10. Dating creates a lot of drama for the wrong reasons!

11. Is dating mentioned in the Bible?

12. What kinds of relationships are mentioned in the Bible?

13. If not dating then what?

14. We are created for community and relationship with each other. Dating relationships distort what that is supposed to look like.

Here you go. What do you think?