This is a scavenger hunt that we’ve done in that past on prayer. Please feel free to use this or tweak it to suit you. We usually use this with our youth while they are at church but with a few adjustments you could probably use this to recharge your own personal prayers as well.

Find a rock and read 2 Samuel 22:2-4 (Pray that God would build His church

Find a light outside and read Matthew 4:14-16 (Pray that we would be outreach oriented and bold with our actions)

Go to the children’s wing or nursery and read Matthew 19:14 (Pray for the future generations)

Find a pastor’s office/car
and read Isaiah 55:8-11 (Pray for the pastors)

Go to the front doors of the church and read Revelation 3:20 (Pray for people who come in and out of these doors)

Find a patch of growing grass
and read Matthew 13:3-9 (Pray that God’s Word would fall on good soil)

Go stand at the entrance into the parking lots (do not get hit!) and read John 14:6 (Pray that people would come to the life changing knowledge and acceptance of Jesus Christ)

Go to the work shed/garage and read Matthew 9:37,38 (Pray that more workers would be raised up)

Find a big hill overlooking a cornfield (can you tell we’re in the Midwest?) and read Matthew 28:18-20 (Pray for the lost and growing)

Go to one of the corners of the church and read Isaiah 28:16 (Pray that God would establish our church/His church in the community)