“That stupid teacher!”

“That dumb boy!”

“It’s her fault”

“He makes me so frustrated!”

We’ve heard them all before and each one has the same ring to it. They all point to someone else. Anger has that influence over us. For some reason it causes us to blame someone else.

Why do we get angry? Is it because we don’t get what we want? Is it because we are prideful?

I realize that there is a “righteous” anger, but if we are honest most of our anger isn’t the righteous kind. It’s the selfish kind.

I get angry when people don’t do things my way.

I get angry when I feel like I’m being treated unfairly.

I get angry when others are talking while I’m talking.

And the list goes on…

I get angry because I’m prideful, self-centered, and broken. Then I start to take it out on people and blame it on them instead.

That’s when it gets really ugly!

What about you?