Do you value balance or tension in life?

I don’t know about you but for a long time I’ve valued balance. I like the idea of balance. Everything is equally spread out with nothing taking up more time or energy than it should. In my mind it has meant that I am well-adjusted, whatever that means, and I have everything under control.

Recently, I’ve started wondering if I have it all wrong. What if I should be pursuing tension also? I guess I’ve always considered tension to be a bad thing but what if tension caused us to grow because there wasn’t perfect balance?

Think of the picture of a tightrope walker. Does it represent balance or tension? One could say it represents balance since if you don’t have it you’ll fall off. One could also say it represents tension. Think about how tired one’s muscles must feel after walking across a tightrope without falling! Ultimately, though, it’s probably a mixture of both balance and tension.

Think about a relationship. Can any relationship ever be perfectly balanced with the best of everything and the worst of nothing? Only in an ideal world! Most of my relationships tend to reflect more tension than not. It’s not that I’m not getting along with someone, but rather, because we are different. We have different personalities, beliefs, or even moods.

I guess I’ve come to realize that something facing tension has the great potential to get stronger. Weightlifters improve their strength. Relationships, properly handled, improve and gain new dimensions. Indeed, even a rubber band, when stretched, never goes back to its original position.

What about you? Do you appreciate tension? Do you make the most of it or avoid it?

Can you have too much tension? Too much balance?

Think about it…