Here is a prayer walk we did recently with our youth. Feel free to use it, modify it, or even suggest changes!

Go sit out in the parking lot
– What does a parking lot represent? It can represent visitors or new people, regular attenders, a place to park your car (the closer the better), or even a place to come hang out. From our parking lot you can see the main road passing by our church. How many people drive by who know someone from the church? Of the people that drive by, how many know and are walking with Jesus? How many will never come to church? Why?

Pray for the people in our church, by name if possible. If you have visitor parking find it and pray for the people we will have the opportunity to reach. Does your pastor have a normal parking spot? Go to that spot and pray for him.

Go to the stage or platform where your weekly services happen
– This represents the worship and the Word. On this stage, weekly, the leaders present God’s Word in song and preach the Scriptures faithfully. Go stand where the worship leader normally stands. Look at the church or congregation from his view. Do you know how much time goes into preparing the worship and the Word weekly? Go stand in front of the pulpit and see what the pastor sees on a weekly basis. Can you picture where any of our people sit? Look up into the upper room. That is where all of our sound and media preparation takes place.

Pray that the Word would be taught clearly. Pray that people would respond to the gospel. Pray that our worship would be pure. Pray for the people that prepare the weekly services.

Go to our missions/missionary hall in the back of the church
– This is where our church highlights all of the different missions organizations and missionaries that we support. We support people and places that are from the church, local, national, and international. We have some ministries that have started from our church because people saw a need and wanted to meet it. We have also sent many of our own adults and youth around the world on mission trips. All of the financial support we give is separate from the church budget. It comes from people who have taken the initiative to give above and beyond what they normally would. Look at the board and see who we support and what they do. On the map, find the countries where they serve.

Pray for our missionaries by name and by country. In particular, find something that catches your interest and pray for it. Pray that more missionaries would be sent out from our church. Pray and ask God what your mission field is.

Go to the playground – This is where our children play. This is where we play (although we probably shouldn’t). The children are the future youth, the future spiritual leaders of our church. You as the youth, need to set good examples for them. You need to build relationships with them now and be friendly. They are watching you in everything you do (and don’t do). Think about all the children’s helpers. Some of you do that! Picture how difficult it must be at times. Think about what a great joy it is to be able to do that.

Pray for our children. They are the future youth ministry. Pray for our children’s workers. Pray that our children would hear the gospel clearly and respond. Pray that families would be changed as a result of our children’s ministry. Pray for our children’s director and her staff. Thank God that we have so many children and families in our church.

Go to Grace mountain (Grace mountain is a big hill outside of our church. It makes a great sledding hill and slip-n-slide. It also gives a great view of the surrounding area.) – If you look to the back side of the church you can see the 20 acres that our church recently purchased. Off to the west you can see the other property next to us that has been for sale and vacant for a couple of years. Look at all the subdivisions that surround our church. We are strategically positioned for maximum influence. What could this mountain be in 5 years? Will it be a youth wing expansion? Could we have that kind of influence in our community? What if each one of you reached two friends this year? One time while Jesus was talking to his followers he said that the fields around them were ripe for harvest. The fields were a metaphor for people. I would echo Jesus’ words. The fields around us are ripe for harvest. You have the best opportunities to influence your friends. You have a much great influence than any of our youth workers ever will. What will you do about it?

Pray for the future of GEC. Pray for our building expansion. We own all of this property for God. Pray for kingdom expansion, that we would reach people for God. Thank God for all the things He has given us. Ask God what part you will play in all of this.

Where will you find the best representation of sin on our church property?
– Answers may vary but some of ours were in the parking lot (trashy), the retention pond out front, the toilet, or even ourselves. One person suggested the cross where Jesus took the sin of the world on Himself.

Where will you find the best representation of grace on our church property? – Answers, again, may vary but most of our youth agreed that it was represented by the cross where Jesus died to take the punishment for our sin. We didn’t deserve what Jesus did but He did it anyway to satisfy God’s wrath (among other things).

Ask God to show you the things that you need to confess to Him. Is there anyone you need to ask forgiveness from? Is there any stubbornness, pride, or anger you need to deal with? Are there relationships that you need to fix? Take this time in the quietness and darkness, at the foot of the cross, to offer up your sin and thank God for His grace, mercy, and forgiveness.