It’s that time of year when you start to wish it was winter again. Go outside and look at the lawn, then you’ll know what I mean. Time to get out the mower, change the oil, and sharpen the blades. Yesterday, as I was getting my hair cut, I began to think about the similarities between mowing, getting a haircut, and spiritual living.

Sometimes things get a little rough around the edges and they need a little trim. One day we get up, look in the mirror (or out the window), and wonder how things got so disheveled. What does it take for God to get our attention? Will we respond to God’s prompting or will He have to get out the heavenly hedge trimmers?

And when your haircut is done, don’t forget to leave a tip, a token of thanks.

My son, do not despise the Lord’s discipline or be weary of his reproof, for the Lord reproves him whom he loves, as a father the son in whom he delights (Proverbs 3:11, 12).

Can you think of other similarities?