How do you care for the people around you?

In youth ministry, I believe it is very important to care for the youth workers who spend so much time with the youth. I’m convinced it is absolutely necessary if you are going to have longevity and impact. Show your youth leaders that they are a priority. I usually try to put them in roles where they have a desire to serve. I don’t have them try to fill every role. I try to spend time with them, train them, figure out their needs and fears and try to help. Give the leaders a clear and biblical vision of what this is all about and give them the resources to put it into practice.

What else can you do?

1. Pray for the right people.

2. Play! Hang out together and build relationships with your leaders.

3. Pursue! Get people who have a commitment to what is happening. Have your current youth leaders find people who have the same desire too.

4. Peace. Relax, it is in God’s hands.

Here’s one final thought. It might be a little controversial but I believe it holds true. I am all about equipping and reaching the youth, but they will rotate through every 6-8 years or so. Your youth leaders won’t – hopefully.

Respond accordingly!