O.W.L.S. stands for Older Wiser Loving Saints. This is what we call the people who identify themselves with the older people in our church.

Several years ago we had a man and his wife return to our church to minister specifically to this group. They have been a wonderful addition to our church. They are a godly couple full of insight and experience. They are both such a pleasure to be around.

Recently, he gave a message at our church specifically targeted towards understanding age groups and how God can use all of us. Here are a few of the more memorable quotes from his message.

“Recognize your limitations and establish your boundaries.”

“Glorify – to make God look good.”

“Deposit all of the Bible verses you can into your memory bank so you have them for withdrawal.”

“Remember that where you go there you are and that’s where God is too.”

“All the things we don’t like are teaching aids to help our relationship with God.”

“No matter what your age be careful not to suppress the impulse of the Holy Spirit to be gracious and generous to others with your life.”

There’s a lot of wisdom there. Think about it and give me your thoughts.