Last weekend we took some of our boys down to SpringHill Camp for a junior high weekend.

We had a great time! While I was there I realized how much I love being around junior high youth. I got a chance to reconnect with some old friends and I got a chance to meet some new ones. The best part was the time to just hang out with our guys!

Our speaker for the weekend was Ben Glenn, The Chalk Guy. He does chalk drawing on sheets. He was pretty amazing. Here’s one odd fact we found out – he likes his sheets to be 50% cotton and 50% polyster.

Throughout the weekend I found myself thinking a lot about my daughter becoming a middle school’er even though that is years away. It made me a little sad. I don’t want her to grow up so fast!

On the brighter side, one of our jh guys found his long lost twin. Check it out!

My long lost twin

My long lost twin

SpringHill has been a really great camp that I highly recommend. Check ’em out!