In my last post I began to tell about our annual trip to SpringHill. In this post I’ll share a few more things that were memorable.

6. Every year, for the past 3 or 4 years, I have written a devotional for the youth to follow all week long. This devotional not only gives them a daily focus but also guides our evening messages. This years theme was “Who Am I.” We took a look at where we get our identity, why we chase after the world’s version of identity, and who God says we are. After that we spent some time on spiritual gifts and how to serve the broader body.

7. We had several disappointing situations that came to light throughout the week. Quite honestly, it made for a very hard week. Many of them were resolved with a high amount of integrity once they confronted though.

8. There were a lot of storms that week. We spent a lot of time in the storm shelters. The was one question that kept coming to my mind. Where do you go in the midst of the storm (figuratively)? There were a lot of physical storms and spiritual storms that week. What do you do when you face the storms of life?

9. We stayed in a place called TST Village. It is an area that has four cabins surrounding a big tall light post in the middle. At night, after dark, bugs were attracted to the light. Because of the bugs, bats were attracted as well. Because of the bats, high school boys were attracted too! I was amazed to see the bats come in to catch the bugs (and the rocks thrown into the air). The bats never ventured too close to the light though. They always caught the bugs on the periphery.

One night it struck me that, spiritually, we are the bugs, moving towards the light. The closer to the light we are, the safer. The bat is Satan, prowling like a lion, looking to devour those who stray too far from the light.

Many of our youth (and us) get caught up in the periphery of the Christian life. They don’t want to live too close to the light because of the commitment it would require. On the other hand, they are just far enough out to be in a grave amount of danger.

There is so much more to comment on about this week but I’ll stop there.

Pray for our youth. Pray for our churches. Pray for our families.