One of my highlights every fall is coaching the DMS tennis team. I’ve been coaching for many years and I continue to enjoy it. I can’t say enough positive things about the coaches I work with and the players I coach.

Our tennis courts are sandwiched in-between both the soccer field and the football field. Because of that we have to endure many sounds, many cheers, and essentially everything that goes with those sports. These present many frustrations at times but there is one thing that I will never grow tired of…

-The National Anthem-

This is something that will be etched in my mind permanently. Every time the national anthem is played all of our players and most of our parents stop right where they are and face the flag. It doesn’t matter whether they are talking or playing on the courts, everything just freezes. Even now, just thinking about it sends chills up my spine!

There are few things that could make me more proud.

Thank you DMS tennis team!