In my last “headache” post I talked about the food allergies that I was diagnosed with. After finding out that there was a variety of foods that could be the headache culprit I cut them all out for about 5 weeks.

Nothing happened…

Following that I had an MRI after seeing another neurologist. The MRI did not show anything and the neurologist just frustrated me more. I have not been happy with the “medical” doctors I’ve seen throughout this process. All they want to do is give me more medicine to fix the symptoms, not the cause. I wonder if others experience the same frustration.

Since then I’ve been tested for a variety of other allergies. Turns out that I have some significant dust allergies. This may explain the constant (literally) sinus infection that I’ve had since the beginning of the school year. The school room I’m in has to be the dustiest room I’ve ever seen. That is no exaggeration! In addition to the dust I also have allergic reactions to certain types of mold and yeast.

If it turns out that this latest diagnosis is right – and none have been so far – I may be fighting a yeast overgrowth. All of this is pretty new for me right now and I’m not sure I buy it all but the symptoms do seem to fit what I’m experiencing.

Needless to say, my head still hurts and I could still use your prayers.

More updates as they happen.