So I love my family!

And I love being right!

What do you do when the two are at odds with each other?

The other day my daughter was singing the words to one of her favorite shows, Boz. Boz, if you don’t know, is a big green bear that lives right next door to the Baxter family. He’s sort of like Barney but his songs are catchier and his life lessons have a deeper meaning.

So my daughter was singing the theme song and she substituted the word “Baxter” with “Faster.” Being the kind father I am I stopped her and told her that the name of the family was “Baxter” and not “Faster.”

Well, my daughter loves being right as much as I do and insisted the name of the family was Faster and not Baxter. Mom was called in to officiate and daddy just got “the look” if you know what I mean.

Being the genius I am I suggested we listen to the DVD to see what the words say. The first time we listened, my daughter sang with song. Of course she said and heard “Faster.”

The second time I suggested that we just listen to the song.

This time she left the room crying…

I know what you’re thinking. Was it worth being right?

Hehehe, I’m such a meanie!