This week starts our annual trip down to Spring Hill. This year we’re taking about a dozen high school’ers down to camp to help out in any way the camp needs. This year I got to bring a few of my Decatur students who just graduated. This is one of the other reasons why I love being able to teach in the public school!

This year our theme is “diagnosis,” how to make decisions. I’m really excited to see what this week will bring. I will try to give regular updates so check back often.

Today our youth are divided into 3 groups: bathrooms, kitchen, and other random projects. They are working from 9-12 and then 1-5. After that we all pitch in and finish off the dinner dishes and do our stuff together as a group. Our “stuff” ranges from ultimate frisbee, different walks, worship time, teaching time, and team-building stuff.

More stuff as it happens!