Alright, here we are, Spring Hill day II. I’ll be honest, yesterday was difficult for me. I was (am) really tired because I was up late the night before. I’ve gotten some great opportunities to talk with some of the youth and one of them was late on Sunday night! In addition to being tired things are a little different this year.

Spring Hill is hosting one of Youth For Christ’s regional camps. That means there are over 250 middle school students and staff here already. That has changed the way EVERYTHING looks. It’s Tuesday morning and, for the most part, we still don’t know when we are supposed to eat or where! It’s not a huge deal. It’s just that I like having a little more detail and information about what we’re doing.

Our work groups are split up to work with Spring Hill’s work groups. In one sense that’s really good because they get to know other staff and don’t have to do the same things they’ve done in the past. In another sense it’s really weird because all we have to do, as youth staff, is sit by and watch as things function.

Our cabin experience is a new one too. We are in the Grouseland Hilltoppers. If you don’t know what those are, they are cabins on stilts out in the middle of the woods. What makes it even more fun is the cabins don’t have electricity! For the past several years we’ve had electricity and even air conditioning. This is a change! We are making it work and it has been pretty fun – so far.

It rained Monday evening and it is raining Tuesday morning as I write this. It looks like our cars may need a little work after our work at Spring Hill. I’m really thankful for car washes.

Our meeting times are different too. We are trying to work around YFC and their schedule so we try to remain flexible and grab our times where we can. I hope we can settle into something more reliable as the week moves on.

Last night we talked about decision making and examined 2 different stories; Adam & Eve and Jesus Christ. We decided that a diagnosis needs to be based off of three things… Was truth known? Was truth understood? And, was decision based off of biblical fact or feeling?

If you are following this please pray for us. Pray that we would get the rest we need. Pray that we could really develop authentic loving relationships. Pray that we would be flexible and keep a heart of service. And pray that these truths of decision making would take deep root in our lives.

I love this week at Spring Hill. Every year God stretches us in different ways. It’s in these times when we are beyond ourselves that we see God in a greater way. Yes, it can be painful – but it is good!