This is what it’s all about (and I ain’t talking ’bout the Hokey Pokey).

Yesterday was an off-and-on rainy day. There wasn’t as much work for us to do so we ended up with a few extra hours of free time. So far, in our free times, we’ve been playing Farkle, ultimate frisbee, and six-square. Six square seems to be a Spring Hill tradition.

Last night was supposed to be our skit night with the guys versus the girls. It became apparent as the evening wore on that the skits were only going to be mocking each other. The guys were going to mock the girls and the girls were going to mock the guys. It also became pretty clear that a few people were getting their emotions hurt because of a lack of unity. Because of this we decided to cancel our skits and have a “family time.” This family time was exactly what we needed. We were really able to address some things and, I hope, set a foundation for building a deeper loving, caring community. This, in my mind, is what youth ministry is all about; helping the youth to learn how to love each other authentically using biblical principles.

Last nights lesson was on “compromise, the enemy of decision making.” Here is the definition of compromise that we were using; decisions based on setting aside the objective truth of God’s Word and basing them on subjective evidence. After coming to that definition we began to work through what objective truth and subjective evidence were. Then we took a look at 3 stories from the Bible and asked ourselves whether the decisions presented were based off of objective truth or subjective evidence. Then we closed with some time of personal application.

It turned out to be a really good day. Our evening ended with a couple hours of stimulating political conversation (for most of us) and a few hours of rest.

For those that are praying, thank you! Your prayers, the prayers of righteous people, are accomplishing much. This kind of evening doesn’t normally happen on a Tuesday, if ever!

Keep praying… Tonight we look at “black & white” or “shades of gray.”