It is about lunch time and it has been pouring all morning. It is so wet that we are sitting in the dining hall watching “Kung Fu Panda.” I’m getting some good lesson material from the movie but really not much else is happening. The YFC camp finished up this morning and they are all gone. I’m wondering if the next few days will bring a bit more normalcy.

Last night we talked about the battleground of decision making. We looked at black & white and gray issues. To address those things we talked about using biblical facts for the black/white situations and biblical principles for the gray areas.

I think many times we know the answers to black & white situations but just don’t do it. When it comes to decision making we need to take advantage of the objective truth that the Bible offers and use it to make decisions based off of those facts (and not our feelings). That can be so difficult sometimes!

Last night 2 of our graduated seniors joined us and this morning 2 of our freshmen joined us. That brings us up to a grand total of 16 which includes our 2 college interns, myself, and Alison (one of our female youth workers).

We had another visitor yesterday as well, one of our pastors. He came down after lunch and spent the afternoon with us. He enjoyed a bit of dinner with us and then took off. Seems that he didn’t want to spend the night in a cabin with no air conditioning or electricity. I can’t understand why he would not miss the creature comforts of home!

Our group is definitely tired. They’ve been working really hard and staying up really late. Seems like we just can’t figure out a way to call it a night at a decent hour. I continue to be proud of them. They are doing a great job. They are flexible, willing to go with the flow, and ready to jump in whenever a new task arises.

Please continue praying for us. Tonight has the potential to really challenge them. Pray that they would receive a second wind and be open to what the Holy Spirit is speaking to them through the Word and other conversations. Pray that they would continue to show patience with each other. And one other thing… Pray for Alison’s foot. I just ran over it with a whole big rack of tables. Oops!

Again, thank you for praying!