It has been such a long time since I posted last, I don’t even know where to begin! This is sure to be one of those posts that combines a bunch of stuff into one.

Health – the headaches remain but we think we are on the right track towards solving it. Between December and March of last year I lost almost 40 lbs. because of a diet change. I have kept that off and continue to stick with the diet (for the most part). We’re told that it will just be a long process towards complete health. If that’s correct we’re okay with that. I have to wonder though, what if they’re wrong?

We found out that my brother had thyroid cancer so they took out his thyroids and killed off the remaining cancer cells with iodine. As of his last body scan that seems to have worked effectively. He has a host of other health issues that are starting to get resolved too. Why do they seem to run in our family? My brother, a few years younger than me, is in the Navy.

School – I am still teaching at Lynwood Elementary. There are still problems with the room but the new administration seems to want to help with that. It is frustrating to constantly fight being sick because of those issues but I trust that it will all get worked out. I have found that I really enjoy teaching elementary music but I’m still working on my appreciation of the students in primary grades.

I completed an Orff class this summer that opened up a whole new world of teaching opportunities. Not only did I gain a brand new perspective on teaching music, but I also gained a bunch of new friends. It is amazing how a few weeks of intense time together will bond people so closely! Now all I need is the resources to purchase instruments for the classroom. I can’t tell you how many grants I’ve written so far!

One interesting change is that I trimmed back my tennis hours this year so I would have more time with my family and for my other job. I hope that works out well. I have also been invited to serve on the “Teacher Advisory Board (TAB)” for the Indianapolis Children’s Choir (ICC) so I’m excited about that. Getting back into elementary music has renewed all of my old interests from so many years ago.

Youth – What an amazing summer!!! It was fantastic. We had 2 great interns that did a fabulous job. Spring Hill was great as usual. Plus, we had a variety of trips and service projects in addition to our weekly meetings. I am praying that this is a kick-off to a fresh season with our youth ministry. We finished the summer with a Youth Sunday that went so well! I couldn’t be more proud of them. We had a terrific staff training a few weeks ago with a group called Cadre Ministries. Dave and Rennie did an outstanding job with our group. If you need youth staff training check them out! Our fall kick-off is the Sunday after Labor Day. There are so many exciting things that happened. You’ll read more about it later I’m sure.

Personally – I am feeling better physically and mentally and I have a new outlook on things. Although I don’t always understand it, I am more and more confident that God has us right where we are for just the right reasons. God has done (and is doing) a work in my personality that will help me to look more like Him. In addition, a friend and I have started up a small group Bible study and we’re anticipating God-sized things. Our family is doing great and I’m excited about this new season.

So there is the not-so-short “short” version of what’s been going on. I promise I will try to update on a more-regular basis!