So I’ve been trying to figure out patterns in how our youth have functioned over the past several years at church. From those patterns I’m hoping to develop a way to better prepare them spiritually.

I’ve broken the youth down into three age groups: junior high, underclassmen, and upperclassmen.

Here is what I’ve determined for Junior High:

Junior High – Need help with practical issues from a biblical perspective. This should point to a bigger view of God who is almighty, all-sufficient, and in control (among other things).

The JH’ers need help understanding insecurity, esteem, relationships, image, conflict, God-honoring character and actions, speech, reliance on God and not self, and the sin nature. This, of course, is just the short list.

It seems to me that the big focus of teaching should be on the character of God, the lives of people in the Bible and how God interacted with them. In addition, practical passages covering some of the issues mentioned above need to be addressed.

So what do you think? Any comments or suggestions?