In Part I we looked at the development of junior high and what their needs might be. In Part II we looked at underclassmen (freshmen and sophomore). In Part III we will take a look at upperclassmen and their final two years of high school.

As upperclassmen, most of the youth are preparing for college or the work force. If they aren’t – well, that’s a different story. This is the stage where they should be moving from making their faith their own to being a solid influence on others. It is not just enough to hold their own at this point. They need to have a person or a group of people that they are helping to grow spiritually.

By this point they should have a solid grasp on how to handle practical issues from a biblical perspective. They should also have a clear understanding of the nature of God and their identity in Christ. In addition, they should have a regular practice of spiritual disciplines. The issues we want to prepare them for here include apologetics, worldview issues, missions, and doctrine. If they haven’t already, these are issues that they will soon encounter at the collegiate level or in the work force.

As they are finishing up the junior and senior years, this is also a great time to reinforce all of life as worship to God. They are thinking about what they want to do for a living and what it looks like to take that next step towards adulthood. It needs to be reinforced that God is to be honored in everything we do.

And finally, this is a time to celebrate! God has done amazing things in their lives. Stand by them, encourage them, and continue to give them godly advice as they mature.

So here you have it, the development of youth from junior high through high school. Are there any glaring omissions that you can see? Anything you disagree with or would do differently?

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