So we just finished up our summer series for youth group. It was a six-week series entitled “Live, Love, and Look like Jesus, Breaking Down the Cliches.” We took a look at six phrases and how really following them (since there’s a reason they are cliches) could help us to live, love, and look like Jesus.

The six phrases were:

1. 24/7 – Full worship and obedience all the time
2. The Golden Rule – What does it mean to “do unto others?”
3. I’m Sorry – True Biblical Forgiveness
4. FROG – Fully Rely On God (Prayer, the Word, and Faith)
5. WWJD – What Did Jesus Do? (Looking at the actions of Jesus)
6. Loser – Losing a life that wasn’t yours to begin with!

Most of the time was spent in the Gospels looking at the life of Jesus. I won’t claim to speak for the youth but it impacted me tremendously. On top of that our young adult/college group was reading and studying through Francis Chan’s Crazy Love.

It was a great summer! I hope it left them changed as much as it did me.