I love my family!  I am honored to be a husband and a father and I am humbled to be their spiritual leader.  It is not always easy but it is always rewarding to share in both the ups and downs of family life.

Recently, we experienced a new part of family life.  Our daughter lost her first tooth.  Actually, she has lost two so far but I’m going to save the second tooth for part II.  Who knew losing a tooth could be such a traumatic experience!  She fretted over that tooth for several days and refused to pull it out.  She also refused to let me come near it.  I’m sure that had nothing to do with the pair of pliers I was holding in my hand!

The day finally came.  However, it had a rather anti-climactic ending.  She swallowed her tooth.  She waited so long to pull it out that she swallowed it after it fell out during breakfast one morning.  At least that’s what we presume.

Now we have another traumatic experience.  She is sure the tooth fairy won’t come without a tooth.  To be honest, she is wise beyond her years and understands all about the Tooth Fairy, the Easter bunny, and Santa.  The only things that still have her a bit befuddled are the ceramic gnomes in Granny’s garden.  They always play around right until she gets there to see them.  Then they freeze.  She can never catch them!  On top of that, they go underground for winter.

Anyway, she has a beautifully active imagination and it is a joy to watch her want to experience these things.  She absolutely wants the Tooth Fairy to come, even without a tooth, so she writes a note and places it under her pillow.  And, of course, the Tooth Fairy comes.

The Tooth Fairy has an active imagination too and leaves a letter for her (and a little money of course).  Here’s how it read:

Ouch, those cracks are hard things to get through!  Next time I’ll have to try the chimney.  Sorry I didn’t have any old-fashioned things with me.  The only old-fashioned thing I’ve got is a tooth from George Washington.  Not pretty, let me tell you!

What’s the deal with not leaving me a tooth?  Are you trying to play a trick on me or something?  I tried to get into your mouth to check but you bit my big toe, you meanie!

Lucky for you I found your camera and started looking through the pictures.  You’ve got a really cute smile with that missing tooth!  The best picture, though, had to be you and that big boy playing your flutes!  Reminds me of my buddy Peter Pan and his friend Tinkerbell.

Gotta run – I mean fly.  I’ve got lots of teeth to get.

Sleep tight my little one.  Until next time…

The Tooth Fairy

The letter contains many personal references that she resonated with.  She loves old-fashioned stuff.  She even has a bonnet and a prairie outfit.  The boy with the flute was a comment directed to a picture of me and her with some musical instruments.  Tinkerbell was also a topic of conversation as we began discussing the Tooth Fairy and fairies in general.

I’m pretty sure she loved the letter.  What a joy to watch a young one’s eyes light up with excitement.  The only dilemma is that the Tooth Fairy must now come for every tooth – and she must bring a letter!

Stay tuned for part II…