So she lost her second tooth… This time she didn’t swallow it.  She sure did baby it forever though!  And sure enough, the Tooth Fairy didn’t fail.

Recently our daughter started kindergarten and moved into a new room all about the same time so that definitely caught the attention of the Tooth Fairy.

I sure do hope the Tooth Fairy never has writer’s block!

Boy, aren’t you a tricky girl.  First you hide your tooth and then you sneak into a new room!  Don’t worry though.  I found it.  What will you try next?

That tooth looks beautiful.  It makes me proud.  So did anyone have to pull it out or did it come out on its own?

As I was flying around tonight I heard some talk of you being in kindergarten.  Is that true?  I remember kindergarten very well.  We had a tooth chart just like you – except, we filled it up with teeth that we got from other little children like you.  Tooth fairies don’t have teeth you know, just wings.  For recess we would play tag with the cicadas.  They were ugly too – but we didn’t tell them that.

Your new room is very pretty.  The color looks beautiful in the dark.  I should come see it in the daytime while you are at school.  Maybe I’ll even hide in the corner and try to surprise you when you come home.

Sleep tight my little one.  Until next time…

The Tooth Fairy