THE GOAL: To get as many points as possible while completing as many tasks as possible.  They must be on video for all to see!  If you get into trouble DO NOT CALL ME!!!

Safety Disclaimer:

  • Always identify yourself as being affiliated with our youth group (insert church name here).
  • Have an adult with you at all times.
  • If participants are unwilling to participate thank them for their time (politely) and move on to another unsuspecting victim (I mean person).
  • Don’t do this after dark.
  • Set a time limit.
  • Don’t let the Senior Pastor find out!!!!!!!!!!!


Family Photo (100 pts. each): You are to go into as many different churches as you can.  Get your group on video with at least one person from the church.  If you choose, you can get a video of your group just in front of the church (50 pts.).

Burning to get inside (500 pts.): Get a tour of a local fire station.  For 100 extra points you can get a tour of a fire truck.  For an additional 100 extra points (per person) you can put on a fireman’s suit.

History in the making (200 pts.): Go to a local park or church playground and re-enact an historical event.  You may earn an extra 100 points for creativity.

The next best thing (500 pts.): Go to a local restaurant and do an interview with an employee about why their condiments are better than another restaurant’s.  You may earn an extra 200 pts. by going to the other restaurant and have them do a rebuttal interview.

Sing, sing, sing (500 pts.): Go to a local bookstore and request permission to serenade their patrons with a Christmas carol.  You may also go to Starbuck’s Coffee Shop.  Each one will be worth 500 pts.

Tour of duty (300 pts.): Choose a person from your group and have them give a tour of their house.  To get the points, the tour must include their bedroom with all of you on their bed!

It’s time for what?!?! (200 pts.): Find a clock (in public view) and circle around it reciting the children’s nursery rhyme “Hickory, Dickory, Dock.”

Stranger things than this (1000 pts.): Request permission to go into a complete stranger’s house and get a video of all of you in the kitchen drinking a cup full of water (and washing the cups when you’re done!).  Speaking of washing up, you will receive an extra 500 pts. if you can get a video of all of you in their bathtub.  You will get an additional 500 pts. if the owner gets in the tub with you!

Bigger than, better than (one winner, 1000 pts.): Each group will be given a penny.  Your goal is to trade this penny for something bigger than and better than the penny.  You will then trade that object for something bigger than and better than that object.  When asked why you’re doing this you can share that the love of Christ is bigger than and better than anything you will trade for all day long!  The winner is the group that comes back with the biggest object.