Today I was very humbled and impressed by a very simple request.  The request was this, “Could you please turn off the lights?  We do not want to use all the energy when we can see already.”  This young woman then proceeded to have me turn off three or four lights around the church.

Here’s a little background… Our church hosts a Chin congregation that meets in our building every Sunday afternoon.  For those of you that might be unfamiliar with the Chin, they are an ethnic group from Myanmar.  Many, many Chin have come to the United States because of religious persecution.  You can read a little more about them here.

Actually, as I sit here typing this I am listening to them sing “As the Deer” in their mother tongue.  It is a beautiful sound.  One day people from every tribe, tongue, and nation…  Yes, Lord!  Come quickly!

So, at her request, I turned off the lights and went into the worship center to start putting away chairs.  This same young woman proceeded to stop me and let me know that their young men would put up the chairs and I didn’t have to do anything.  I tried to explain to her that it was no problem, but she insisted.  So I sat there and watched while they put away the chairs.  To be honest, I didn’t really watch.  I just tried to look busy because I felt bad.

Like I said earlier, I am very humbled that someone would be so conscientious about something so small.  Maybe we should all be more like that.

So, what if…

  • We all had our roles and pitched in to accomplish something?
  • We all stewarded, with more wisdom, the resources we have been given?
  • We all faced a little more persecution?  Would it cause us to care a little more?
  • We all prayed for a people group different than our own and did something to serve them?
  • We were the hands and feet of Christ to those all around us?

What if?