Can you believe it?  Our daughter has lost her third tooth already.  This one sort of caught me off guard so the Tooth Fairy was up late into the evening composing the text of this letter – and I think it shows.

I only hope this creates wonderful memories for her.  Maybe she will pass some of these memories and traditions on to her own family one of these days.  Who knew something so simple could bring both a child and the parents so much joy!

What family traditions do you celebrate?  What memories of growing up do you have?

Whew!  That was a tough one.  It’s about time.  I thought that tooth would never come out.  This one leaves a nice big gap in the front too!  It makes you look really cute!  Six years old and you’ve already lost your third tooth.  Just how many more do you think you’re going to lose?

I remember there was this one girl who had a tooth just barely hanging on.  She wiggled and jiggled it but it just wouldn’t fall out.  She was so scared to just finish the job.  She wouldn’t even let her parents touch it.  I thought I was going to have to call out the FairyFighters (This is the team of fairies we call to help with the teeth that are especially hard to pull out).  The FairyFighters came but fortunately I didn’t need to use them.  The tooth fell out while she was brushing her teeth that night.  The FairyFighters were a little disappointed.  It’s not very much fun to sit around all day.  They wanted in on the action.

I hear you have a sister on the way – or is it a brother?  Do you have a name picked out yet?  Does she have any teeth?  If she does, pull them out for me.  Babies teeth are so cute!  I bet you will make a great big sister.  You will have to tell her all the secrets about how to get the teeth out.  Show her how to brush good too.

Okay, so what’s the big idea!!!  First you don’t have a tooth.  Then you switch rooms.  Now you drop it in the pocket of a pillow.  I finally found it but it took me forever.  That is a cute pillow, by the way.  It is almost like my pillow back home.  Mine is just a little bit bigger and the blanket isn’t sown to the pillow like yours is.

All this talk about pillows makes me very sleepy.  I miss home.  I miss my family too.  Sometimes all of this traveling isn’t as much fun as it seems.  I do love the smiles on your faces though!  I think I’m going to head home now.

Sleep tight my little one.  Until next time…

Love, the Tooth Fairy

P.S. Tell your sissy I said hi!