All of the recent discussion regarding teachers, unions, and education has been very interesting. Unfortunately it has not been very enlightening. It seems as if the conversation has divided into two sides that are pitted against one another. I find it very disappointing that while both sides have good points both sides also wildly manipulate information. In addition, they use biased information. It is supposed to be research but it hardly qualifies as such. How a union gains credibility by promoting “research” put together by their own self-funded organizations is beyond me. How legislators can promote the value of charter schools when they score among the worst, at least in one state, is also beyond me.

I believe the best comment about education was stated very clearly in a recent broadcast by personal finance leader, Dave Ramsey, well-known for helping people get out of debt and “act their wage.” His comment went something like this, “The best indicator of successful schools is the involvement of parents.”

Yes, yes, yes! Absolutely! Active involvement by parents is the deciding factor in a child’s personal growth. Parents cannot rely on schools, the church, the government, or anyone else to do the job they have been given to do.

What kind of change would we see if our conversation was not about unions and test scores and charters but about how to help parents be wildly successful?