And the saga of losing teeth and growing up continues… I love my family!


Six teeth already??? Please stop it! You have the weirdest way of losing your teeth! I heard it was coming out so I stopped by earlier this week but all you were doing was wiggling it around. And it came out in cantaloupe? Oh yeah, and who is this Tom fellow you keep talking about?

 You sure are growing up fast. Time flies (and so do fairies). I noticed all of your kindergarten stuff lying around and it made me tear up a little. Oh how I wish I could come see you when you were awake. We could have so much fun. They tell me it is against fairy rules though.

 I took a peek at your little sister tonight. She is so sweet with her bottom all bunched up in the air. She was a little gassy though. Whew! I tried to see inside her mouth but she had her thumb in it. You know that will make teeth crooked don’t you?!?

 Well, I must be going.  We’re going to Disneyland to see my cousin Tinkerbell and her friends.

 Sleep tight my little one. Until next time…

 Love, the Tooth Fairy