I wonder how much longer she will want letters from the Tooth Fairy?


Tooth number 7? Here we go… The way I figure you’ve lost about 1 tooth per year. You are almost 7 aren’t you? I come by every so often to visit but it has been quiet around your house here lately. Why is that? You are never around during the day anymore.

I did notice one other thing – your sister has 2 teeth now! She is so, so cute. I was trying to check her teeth this afternoon and she slobbered all over me. She would have bitten me too if I hadn’t flown out of the way. She’s quite a character. She reminds me of you.

So where did you lose this tooth at? I was trying to figure out tonight but the only thing I heard was reading and SPCS. Now, what does that mean? Oh, how I wish I could see you and talk to you. We could be such good friends.

I don’t know how much more I’ll be around. My dad got a job transfer. He is now head of the Fairy Farm. This is where we all go to learn how to do our jobs. I hope they’ll keep letting me come see you.

It sure is amazing how things change over time. You’ve grown up so much. You seem so smart and creative. Before long you’ll be in school and I won’t see you at all. How did things change so much?

My dear Noelle, I’ll never see you face to face but I think about you often. I hope you remember me too. Please say you’ll always remember me and never lose touch. I’ll always remember you.

Sleep tight my little one. Until next time…

Love, the Tooth Fairy