I’m a husband and father who lives in Indianapolis, IN. I also teach elementary general music and coach tennis. For about ten years I served as the youth director for our church and helped with music.  I’ve recently resigned but if there’s any way I can help you with preaching, youth ministry, leading music, or working with staff, please let me know!  It would be my pleasure to serve you.

I play guitar, saxophone, and a wide variety of different instruments. I also sing.

If you pay real close attention you might catch me dancing with my daughter sometime. I’m not good but she doesn’t know any better!


4 Responses to “About”

  1. Mom Says:

    Dearest Son,

    At last I finally had a chance to read your meanderings —– indeed, continue your thought provoking writings. I find them deeply interesting and comforting. Personally, it allows me to see a side of my beautiful son that I am unable to share as often as I would like.


  2. Grahame Knox Says:

    Hello Curtis,

    Thanks for your recent comment on INSIGHT and for the link on your blogroll.It’s always good to hear from youth guys who visit. I’ll do my best to keep posting articles and resources of help to you and others. Just check in from time to time. I’m here to serve. Blessings. Grahame.

  3. Becky Ledfod Says:


    Your Mother gave me our web site. I am very impressed!!! I haven’t read all the Meanderings yet but I’m so glad to have them available. I particularly like “The Blessings of Aaron” from your “music box”. May God continue to work through you and may He continue to fill you as you re-present Jesus to His children.

    Your friend in Christ,

  4. Becky Hisel Says:

    Hi Curtis,
    I really think you are an awesome young man. I’m very proud of you and what you represent.
    Your Mom sent me the link and I have enjoyed viewing your website very much. Keep up your good works.
    Love ya, Aunt Becky

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