It seems she swallowed this one too! In light of that the Tooth Fairy decided to play a bit of a game with her…


Dear Noelle,

So you are 7 years old and have lost your 8th tooth. And your sister now has 6 teeth??? This is almost too much to believe. Speaking of not believing – I’m not sure I buy your story about losing another tooth. Where’s the tooth at this time? I suppose you’re going to tell me you swallowed it again, right?

Okay, so I checked your mouth and you are missing a tooth. I guess that’s enough proof. Why are you hiding them from me though? Since you hid your tooth from me I hid the money from you. I hope you can find it!

Brrr, it’s starting to get cold here again. I don’t know if I like these different seasons or not. It’s not this cold where my family moved to. It’s actually pretty warm all throughout the year. That’s the good part. The bad part is I miss all my friends. What do you do when all of your friends live somewhere else? I’m making new friends though. That part is really fun. On top of that my dad loves his new job. I get to watch him a lot as he trains all of the new fairies to do their job.

I don’t have much time tonight. I spent most of it trying to find your tooth. I looked all over and couldn’t find it. You definitely found a good hiding spot for it. Wait until you see my hiding spot!

I enjoyed seeing you again, even if you were sleeping. Thanks for being my friend.

Sleep tight my little one. Until next time…

Love, the Tooth Fairy


I wonder how much longer she will want letters from the Tooth Fairy?


Tooth number 7? Here we go… The way I figure you’ve lost about 1 tooth per year. You are almost 7 aren’t you? I come by every so often to visit but it has been quiet around your house here lately. Why is that? You are never around during the day anymore.

I did notice one other thing – your sister has 2 teeth now! She is so, so cute. I was trying to check her teeth this afternoon and she slobbered all over me. She would have bitten me too if I hadn’t flown out of the way. She’s quite a character. She reminds me of you.

So where did you lose this tooth at? I was trying to figure out tonight but the only thing I heard was reading and SPCS. Now, what does that mean? Oh, how I wish I could see you and talk to you. We could be such good friends.

I don’t know how much more I’ll be around. My dad got a job transfer. He is now head of the Fairy Farm. This is where we all go to learn how to do our jobs. I hope they’ll keep letting me come see you.

It sure is amazing how things change over time. You’ve grown up so much. You seem so smart and creative. Before long you’ll be in school and I won’t see you at all. How did things change so much?

My dear Noelle, I’ll never see you face to face but I think about you often. I hope you remember me too. Please say you’ll always remember me and never lose touch. I’ll always remember you.

Sleep tight my little one. Until next time…

Love, the Tooth Fairy

And the saga of losing teeth and growing up continues… I love my family!


Six teeth already??? Please stop it! You have the weirdest way of losing your teeth! I heard it was coming out so I stopped by earlier this week but all you were doing was wiggling it around. And it came out in cantaloupe? Oh yeah, and who is this Tom fellow you keep talking about?

 You sure are growing up fast. Time flies (and so do fairies). I noticed all of your kindergarten stuff lying around and it made me tear up a little. Oh how I wish I could come see you when you were awake. We could have so much fun. They tell me it is against fairy rules though.

 I took a peek at your little sister tonight. She is so sweet with her bottom all bunched up in the air. She was a little gassy though. Whew! I tried to see inside her mouth but she had her thumb in it. You know that will make teeth crooked don’t you?!?

 Well, I must be going.  We’re going to Disneyland to see my cousin Tinkerbell and her friends.

 Sleep tight my little one. Until next time…

 Love, the Tooth Fairy

If you’ve ever had to travel with a young child or baby you know what this post could be all about! If the baby does not travel well no one travels well. We had one of those trips this afternoon. We were visiting family today for a pre-Easter celebration. We decided to go there and back in one day because we have a new baby that is almost 5 months old. She is not used to being in new places overnight and we aren’t either.

Our departure was timed to coincide with our newborn’s nap schedule. Our newborn didn’t agree though. She was overtired and was going to have none of it. About 30 minutes into the trip she started crying something terrible! Nothing we were doing was helping. All seemed hopeless. Then in a blast of brilliance I asked my oldest daughter, six years old, to start singing to her sister.

The result was nothing short of amazing!!!

Within minutes our baby started to calm down and even doze off. After 15 minutes of calm family singing she was sound asleep and stayed that way until we arrived home.

Music has a special impact on people in so many different ways. It is influential physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and academically. Today was no different. It calmed our youngest daughter physically. It kept us from going bonkers mentally. It was emotionally soothing and brought joy to my oldest to help like that. It was an answer to prayer (I know that analogy is a stretch but it’s true!). And finally, I taught my oldest daughter a few new songs in the process (that’s the academic part).

Music does something for the human soul that few other elements can. Thank God for music!

Over on the right hand side you will find a few more short songs that I’ve uploaded. One is a greeting song my oldest daughter created for my music classes (mistakes and all). The second one is a song that my oldest has been singing to my youngest even when she (the youngest) was in utero. To this day it has a calming effect on her.

I hope to be uploading a few more shortly. We love to sing and make up songs.

So #5 came out a little more quickly than expected.  I was taking my daughter’s shirt off tonight while she was getting her pajamas on.  Somehow the shirt caught the tooth and it came flying out.  I almost feel bad – it wasn’t that loose at all!  It came out really clean and didn’t bleed for long.  Oh well!  Here’s what the Tooth Fairy said…


What in the world are you up to?  Wasn’t I just here a few days ago?  And now you have another out?  I didn’t think you had any loose teeth in there…

So I did a little checking around and I guess it wasn’t your fault after all.  The fairies are saying that it was your dad’s fault.  They are saying he knocked it out when he was taking off your shirt.  Is that true?  I don’t know how things like that happen but that is too funny!  Maybe you should give him the money instead.

While I was here I decided to check on your sister and she still doesn’t have any teeth.  Your dad didn’t pull those out did he?  Your sister sure is a precious thing.  She looks beautiful, just like you did when you were a baby.

By the way, what is it with all that snow?   My wings are getting frost on them from all that blowing.  Tooth Fairies don’t normally dress for that kind of weather.  We would rather dance around in the spring showers and fly underneath the beautiful harvest moon.  I’ve got just one word for this weather – brr!!!!!

Sorry I can’t write much this time.  This was a quick stop on my way home.  I wasn’t expecting to be here you know.

Sleep tight my little one.  Until next time…

Love, the Tooth Fairy

So we lost our fourth tooth.  Actually, our oldest daughter lost her fourth tooth but it was a family affair!  Man did she put up a fight.  The irony is that it pretty much fell out into my wife’s and and we all started laughing.

Here’s the letter that the Tooth Fairy left…


My, oh my, oh my!  I don’t think I’ve heard that kind of racket in a long, long, time!  You sounded like you were in quite a bit of pain there.

I do hope you’re okay.  Things looked beautiful inside your mouth!

If I know children – and I do, I’ve been working with them for a long time – you’re probably just fine.  I bet you were fighting with your parents because you didn’t want your tooth pulled out.  Am I right?

There are times in life where parents seem like your worst enemies.  The truth is that there aren’t two people who love you more!  If they are like most parents they will love you no matter what and always look out for you.  I bet you have some pretty special parents too.

Speaking of special, what is that little bundle of joy behind the couch?  How cute is she!!!  I bet you are one proud sister.  There’s only one problem… she doesn’t have any teeth yet.  I wonder if I’ll be writing letters for her one of these days.

It sure looks like you have one amazing family.  I can’t wait to get back and tell everyone about the new baby.  We just adore little ones.  To be honest, they aren’t really that little.  They are bigger than me, and I’m full grown!  They are just little to the rest of you.

P.S. Why do you have a tree with lights growing in your living room?

Sleep tight my little one.  Until next time…

Love, the Tooth Fairy