This summer our youth group has been going through a series on food. Each week we have taken a passage from the Bible about food and worked our way through it, serving up the applications (pun intended).

This week we deviated slightly. We still used food but we did not use a specific passage.

I had a loaf of bread with me. It wasn’t just any loaf of bread though. It was about two weeks old and moldy!

I started off by asking a few questions…

Question 1: What happens when you expose a loaf of bread to air?

Answer: It becomes stale and eventually becomes moldy.

Question 2: Where does the mold come from?

Answer 2: As near as I know, it is an interaction between the bacteria, already present in the bread, and the air.

Question 3: What are the spiritual implications?

Answer 3: When Christians get exposed to the world (air) we can become stale. When that happens we become hardened or calloused. That can eventually lead to mold. The mold, our sinful nature, is already present. It just needs the air to interact with.

Can you think of other implications?

How about applications?

If you’d like to see how we unpacked the rest of the evening let me know. I just wanted to set the table for you and whet your appetite!


Do you have any things that bug you? Little pet peeves maybe? I do! I’ve probably got too many. Some people might even say I’m paranoid.

I can’t help it. There are some things that weird me out!

One of the worst is drinking or eating after people. I can’t stand drinking after someone or having them drink after me. It’s actually sort of funny because I don’t even like drinking after my wife. I know, I know (don’t even go there). It’s even worse when it’s my daughter. Mommy can share her cup or her food but don’t touch daddy’s!

Those that know me really enjoy giving me a hard time about it, especially those in our youth group. One of the worst things I can remember doing, related to this, was a missions event that I did while on a beach project with Campus Crusade. All of the students on this project were divided into various groups and our group had a bowl of rice set in front of us. One bowl full of rice, and we were to eat it with our hands. I finally got hungry enough and ate the rice. Oddly enough, after sharing spit, slobber, and spiritual lessons, I gained a new sense of community that night (and I didn’t get sick).

How do you feel about people eating or drinking after you… spiritually? I realize it’s a bit of a stretch but the more I thought about it the more it made sense. In John 21 Jesus tells Peter to feed his sheep. We can only feed people what we ourselves have eaten.

In 2 Timothy 2:2 (ESV) we are told “and what you have heard from me in the presence of many witnesses entrust to faithful men who will be able to teach others also.” It is our responsibility to be passing on what we have been feeding on. In fact, those people are supposed to be so well fed that they can feed others!

Are you feeding other people? If not, maybe you should consider finding someone that can eat after you. Spend time together sharing with one another what you are eating. Digest the Word together.

What is your diet like? Is it junk food or do you have a healthy balance? Do you eat regularly or when you feel like it?

Take some time to think through these questions and come up with a plan, a menu if you will. Then all you need to do is dig in with both hands (or forks) and enjoy the feast!

Bon app├ętit…