A lot can be said about what a spiritually mature person looks like. Scripture gives several different verses and all around us we have an abundance of living examples that are imitations of those verses.

What has concerned me recently, however, is how many people consider themselves spiritually mature that aren’t. You might say these people have a lot of “head” knowledge. They can give mental assent to many truths. They read their Bible and even memorize verses. They seem like they have it all together when you hear them give an answer. Actually, some of them might even sound like know-it-all’s. However, if you pay really close attention something doesn’t sound right. On the other hand, others might think that by keeping quiet it helps them to come across as more mature (and in some cases that’s true). When they say too much though their hypocrisy starts to show through.

How many of us might have grown up in church and know all the right answers? How many of us might have consistent spiritual disciplines but something isn’t quite connecting? How many of us know that our hypocrisy isn’t right but we just cover it up and go on anyway?

This head game that we play with a watching world is only an illusion of spiritual maturity. Please don’t misunderstand me. Bible reading, scripture reading, evangelism, and in-depth study are all good and necessary. We are supposed to study and be ready to give an answer (1 Peter 3:15). By themselves they are empty though.

Over the next few posts I will unpack a few more ideas and will hopefully offer you some insights that you can use in your own personal life or with others around you.